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A sustainable multilayer tool-artifact for data privacy and project networking...

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Our hardware will drift in-and-out of availability on a regular basis, as we will only sell stock that has been previously delivered to our warehouse.

Stock & Shipping Info

Due to the ongoing severe component shortages, estimating availability of SolarNET.HuB (SNH) is difficult.

Data Privacy

Personal data (name, email, phone, location, etc …) related to shipments are not stored in any database.

Orders are received one by one through an email that uses SSL/TLS encryption and are read by trusted people who manually pass them to a physical notebook (an order-book) which is stored in our HQ. Once the order is completed, the data is destroyed and that is why if you make another order on the future, you will have to provide us with the shipping information again.


  1. As soon as you send the order form, your request will automatically pass to our order-book, which we attend by order of arrival.
  2. Once we process your purchase, we will send you an answer email by telling you if is available and attaching a total budget.
  3. Having proven that the delivery data is correct and that it is possible to send you the order, we will initiate all the procedures so that you can make the full payment (shipping costs included) and we will attach a link so you can track the delivering process in real-time.


You can use the following contact to request more information or manage your ongoing order.

Order Form

The estimated date to start processing orders is: October 2024.

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“Logistics is vital, along with communications, to maintain the resources, the materials generated, the means of production and the will of the communities and their diverse autonomy and self-defense…”